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HIST& 148 U.S. HISTORY III • 5 Cr.




Political, economic, social, and cultural history of United States from Spanish-American War to building the modern state, world power, and current issues. Prerequisite: Eligibility for or completion of ENGL& 101. (SS)

New description starting Spring 2019

The third part of the History of the United States examines the 20th century starting with World War I. In this period attention directed toward the development of the United States as a modern nation-state. Wewill cover the process industrialization,urbanization,and immigration that shaped the contours of the country right into the 21st century.Other topics of interest in the larger processes will be the Great Depression, Imperialism,World War I and II,the Cold War,environmentalism,nuclear war and terrorism.The course will end as the United States enters the post-Cold War era. Prerequisite: Eligibility for or completion of ENGL& 101. (SS)